M.Sc.Biotechnology , Patna University

(Seventh Oldest University of the Indian Subcontinent.)

M.Sc.Biotechnology,Patna University

The M.Sc. Biotechnology Course is presently located at the 1st Floor of Biology Block II, Department of Botany, Patna Science College Campus, Patna University. It has well equipped laboratory for microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics and tissue culture to conduct experiments based on course materials as well as research leading to Ph.D. degree. The on-line library facility is being provided by the Department. The Library of the Department and Patna University Central Library will provide library facilities to the students.

An efficient set of teachers/resource persons/ scientists drawn from various institutions/departments/ National laboratories is available to impart teaching on specialized topics. In order to facilitate smooth running of the course, the Patna University has appointed a coordinator who is responsible for smooth conduct of the course. The administrative set-up of the Department is as follows:

Prof. Surendra Singh


Dr.Birendra Prasad   


Infrastructure Facility available with the Department

Well-furnished Class rooms, Library and Laboratory facilities are available in the Department:

Different laboratories are:

(i) Microbiology Lab

(ii) Biochemistry Lab

(iii) Molecular Biology Lab

(iv) Plant Tissue Culture Lab

(v) Bioinformatics Lab

Major Biotechnology equipments available in the Department:

(i) Ultracentrifuge

(ii) High speed refrigerated centrifuge

(iii) Fermentor

(iv) Electrofocussing unit

(v) UV-VIS spectrophotometer

(vi) Ultrasonicater

(vii) Laser Densitometer

(viii) Fractional collector Helirac

(ix) Transilluminator

(x) Thermostatic circulator

(xi) Electrophoresis units (Vertical, Horizontal, Column)

(xii) Bright field, dark field, phase contrast Microscope

(xiii) Refrigerated Shaking Incubator

(xiv) ELISA reader

(xv) Molecular Imager Gel-doc system

(xvi) Gradient Thermal Cycler