M.Sc.Biotechnology , Patna University

Your bright future is our mission

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Your bright future is our mission

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Your bright future is our mission

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(Seventh Oldest University of the Indian Subcontinent.)

M.Sc.Biotechnology,Patna University

Patna University is the 7th oldest University of the Indian subcontinent, which was established in the year 1917 to cater to the growing needs of higher education of Bihar, Orissa and Nepal. The history of this University is closely linked with the history of modern Bihar – the saga of her educational, cultural, political and economic growth. It is a hallmark in the annals of the progress of the State in particular and region in general. It is the only teaching and residential university in the populous State of Bihar. It also has a truly national character which transcends the linguistic, cultural and political boundaries. The outstanding personalities involved in top administrative positions, well qualified learned teachers and students have largely contributed towards its rich academic heritage.

Bihar has been a seat of learning since time immemorial. The State had the Universities like Nalanda and Vikramshila that were drawing students even from neighboring countries. One of the primary objectives of the University education is to produce trained manpower, which can accelerate sustained economic growth by harnessing science and technology. In order to face the challenges thrown by the process of globalization and liberalization in the field of higher education in the 21st century, the University will have to equip its teachers and students with modern techniques, skills, and make them competent enough to face challenges and enhance the quality of teaching & research. For meeting these challenges, this University has already focused its attention and started a number of professional courses at the graduation and post graduation level with a view to building human resources of high quality, who can contribute to the Nation-building. In this age of Information and Communication Technology, the barriers of time and space have now disappeared. We are providing the facilities of Internet, Teleconferencing, online library facilities etc. and we have introduced new courses in the areas of emerging importance like Biotechnology, Biochemistry, BCA, MCA, Fashion Designing, Sales Management, Business Management, Rural Management, Functional English, Saral Sanskrit Sambhashan, Journalism and Mass Communication etc. However, the avowed goal of the University Education still remains character building. It is true that modern knowledge, information and skills help to provide quality education but the most important task of education is to produce enlightened citizens, having human touch and dedication to the cause of the nation and its society at large.

Patna University has been imparting quality education to its students, which is amply reflected in th success of our students at the all India level competitions. Even today Patna University holds important positions in the Central Services Examination. In the year of women empowerment we have accorded great significance to the education of women and for that the University started commerce education in Patna Women’s College and Magadh Mahila College. Out of thirteen constituent Colleges, three of them are exclusively meant for girls and the other eight are Co-educational Institutions where the number of girl students is fairly large. Patna University has tried to provide benefits to the socially and economically deprived groups, handicapped students and also to the weaker sections of the society. In this regard the university has, strictly followed the reservation policy of the Government. and provided them facilities so that they can unfold their potentialities and prove themselves as worthy members of the society.

Why to study at Patna University?

The students of the Patna University have done fairly well at the national level test conducted by the U.G.C. and C.S.I.R. and also done well in the U.P.S.C and the state level competitions.

The Central Dispensary, with 12 skilled doctors having M.D., F.R.C.S. degrees have been giving their services to the students, teachers and non-teaching staff of the University. Its nomenclature may be changed as Health Centre.

A full fledged University Works Department is functioning now which is responsible for construction and maintenance of the buildings of the University.

The University has its own Press with limited infrastructure facility and is located in the campus. It has two mono typing machines besides other sophisticated equipment and instruments. Our University Press needs its own spacious building for expansion and modernization to cope with the ever expanding requirement of the University.

Our Mission

To make spiring intelligentsia of Patna University, mentally tough, emotionally strong & intellectually sharp so that they can float quite efficiently and actively in the ever flowing and vast stream of technological advancement.

To inculcate a work culture among the student which not only enables them to peform in biotechnology competitions with flying colours but also to raise themselves to enviable heights in their career?

To develop a problem solving aptitude & an analytical frame of mind.

To pursue the endeavour to nurture the young talent.

To enable the Patna University students, to settle down with a biotechnology career which is intellectually challenging, professionally satisfying, socially prestigious & financially rewarding.